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Meryl’s Pest Control is a family-owned business that started in 1991

Meryl Mosley originally founded the company. He worked at Sears Pest Control during the 1980s.

By 1990, Meryl felt he had what it took to create his own pest control business. He opened the doors to Meryl’s Pest Control in 1991 and achieved great success at building a strong customer base. Many of his customers from Ocala, Marion County, Citrus County, The Villages, Summerfield and Lady Lake are still with us today. As time passes, changes are bound to occur. After 35 years in the pest control business, Meryl retired in 2012.

Meryl Mosley from Meryl's Pest Control
Meryl Mosley from Meryl's Pest Control.

Current owner

Meryl’s daughter Pam took over Meryl’s Pest Control in 2012.

Pam joined Meryl’s Pest Control back in 1993. She is a certified operator in both termite and pest control.

An asset to the company since early on, Pam has the knowledge to help customers combined with a great personality to make them feel comfortable. One of her biggest accomplishments for the company includes transitioning Meryl’s Pest Control to paperless and mobile in 2014. This was a great step forward while complementing the information age.

Pam Sibley
Pam Sibley - Owner


Ocala, Marion, and Citrus County: (352) 694-1977 | The Villages, Lake, and Sumter County: (352) 360-0677

About Us