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Fire ant control

Fire ant & yard service is available for homes and businesses. We treat red imported fire ants both indoors and outdoors including equine pastures. Red imported fire ants are an invasive species of ant that has wreaked havoc across the states where they have established populations. They seem to have few natural enemies to keep populations under control.

The red imported fire ant is native to the central part of South America. These fire ants are found throughout Ocala, Citrus County, Dunnellon, The Villages, Summerfield, Leesburg, and Lady Lake. Our experience is vast when it comes to controlling these invasive pests. Red imported fire ants spread quickly and deliver both a painful sting and bite. Getting bit by several of these ants simultaneously can pose a serious threat to your health and multiple stings will often leave scarring in their wake. Help is available so do not allow these pests to take over your home or property.

Red imported fire ants leave unsightly large dirt mounds in yards. They also damage lawns and plant roots which leads to loss of crops and interferes with mechanical cultivation. Large mounds pop up quickly. These ants are also resilient; they easily survive flash floods and droughts.

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We also treat equine pastures

We treat equine pastures on a quarterly basis. Horses and other farm animals are at great risk for multiple stings. This is particularly the case in body areas with little or no hair. Such areas include the ears, eyes, muzzle, perineum and the ventral abdomen. Young and sick animals are at higher risk. Contact us today to protect your animals and we’ll make your equine pastures safe.


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