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Mosquitoes are disgusting and nasty bloodsucking insects. As if that weren’t enough, mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting many diseases to humans such as West Nile, Zika and dengue fever to name only a few. Scientists predict that climate change will only worsen the problem over time. No other living creatures have killed more human beings than the mosquito.

Mosquito Reduction Program

We have an effective mosquito reduction program which uses a mosquito fogger. Treatment is on a monthly basis during mosquito season. One time treatments for outdoor events such as graduations and weddings are also available. No mosquito control program is 100% effective because mosquitoes from untreated areas will simply fly to the next property. It is, however, effective on a reduction basis. This is why we like to refer to it as a mosquito reduction program.

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Mosquito Prevention

Helpful tips to reduce mosquito populations around a home

  • Do not allow standing water to gather. This is especially the case during the wet season. Many mosquito species need standing stagnant water to reproduce.
  • Trim excessive weeds, grass, and shrubs.
  • Remove piles of leaves and woodpiles. Check clogged gutters and flat roofs that may have poor drainage. Keep all gutters clear of debris.
  • Keep grass and hedges cut and trimmed.
  • Covers barrels and trash containers tightly with a lid.
  • Do not let rainwater in barrels. Remove standing water in old tires, buckets, drums, flower pots, tarps or any other containers.
  • Store boats covered or upside down.
  • Use soil to fill in low areas in lawns and landscaped areas where rainwater may collect and stand for more than a few days.


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