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Soni P
My family used Meryl’s Pest Control’s services for the first time this week. We were extremely impressed with not only the very thorough job that was done, but the way they worked to fit it into their schedule to be there when we needed it. Mike, their technician who came out to spray, was efficient, thorough, courteous and punctual. We were pleased with every aspect of their service… including the price! We will never need to have any number but Meryl’s under “Pest Control Service”!
Dawn Marie
Love them! Always there when you need them. Always do their best for their customers! Wouldn’t use anyone else! Thank you Pam
Lisa Hufford
Professional, caring and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied.
Arin Tanner
Business is run by the most honest, stellar, hardworking and caring individuals under the sun!
J Robin Hodge
This company is very professional and did a great job with identification and eradication of my moth and termite issues. The office staff is fantastic and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Meryl’s.
Matt Taylor / Realtor
I use Meryl’s for all of our pest control needs. They are a family-run business and that is how they treat their customers. If you want great service at fair prices, call Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control Service. Thanks Meryl’s for your great service over the past 8+ years!!
Pam S.
I came from a “Do It Yourself” family. Insecticide can be purchased by anyone, with fair results. But we still encountered insects occasionally. And Gulf fritillary Catapillars were eating my plants up. Not any More! Since hiring Meryl’s Pest control we are insect free and my plants are huge. Thank you Mike, from Meryl’s Pest Control!
John Regan, Jr.
My wife and I have used a number of pest control services in our never ending battle against the various insects that call Florida their home. By far the most responsive company to our needs has been Meryl’s Pest Control. Whenever we have a problem they respond in a timely and professional manner. We would highly recommend them.
William Burleigh
My Wife and I have used Meryl’s both for our private residences as well as rental properties since the 1990’s, they have gone out of there way to make sure any “bug issues” we have had were promptly taken care of through the years. We wouldn’t think of using anyone else.
I use Meryls for all of my pest control needs. I also use Merlys for mosquitos as well. I have use them for over 3 years now. I have not had a mosquitos for the past 2 years. I would highly recommend Dave, he is awesome and enjoys what he does. Big thumbs up to Merlys!!!!!!
V Sankar
Thank you so much for the service. You have a great guy on your team. David England shows hard workmanship and he is good for your company.
Dyanne McCall
I would recommend Meryl’s Pest Control.  We had a terrible time with gnats/fruit flies inside our home.  Dave came out and diligently searched for ways to rid us of this frustration.  He was very thorough until he/we won the battle.  The outside mosquito spray helped kill off the gnats on the outside so they were not getting on the inside.

Thank You Meryl’s/Dave!
Ray and Jane Harden
We,ve been residents of Florida and used Meryl,s pest control service for 15 years. They do a great job and if we have an extra problem they come right away and it is goodbye bugs!!
Jennifer Mock
This is the best company I have found by far in the Marion county area. The tech Dave was so pleasant and wonderful to speak and work with. He worked around my crazy schedule and came to me on his busiest day! He was extremely through with spraying for the flea issue we had and was very knowledgeable. You can’t beat the companies price either. I paid more for less that never worked in the past, not anymore! Meryl’s Termite and Pest will be the only company we use for our monthly service! Thank you guys so much for coming so promptly and being so great!
Linda Marsh
Meryl’s pest control sent David out to find where the carpenter ants were at in my house. How refreshing it was to have a honest pest control guy. I showed him where the ants were at in the house and right away he said they are in your attic. (I had told the other company that came to my house twice and charged me twice that I thought they were in the attic-they said no they would not be there and they never even went and looked in my attic) David from Meryl’s went up in my attic and found the nest right away! What an awesome honest guy and company? How refreshing and such a blessing to know we still have a company in ocala that wants to find and to get rid of your pest problem not just mask it and keep coming back and charging you. I can’t thank Meryl’s enough! Thanks to David for forging through my hot and very packed attic. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you! Thank you!
Linda Marsh
Jeff and Sue M.
Mike has been great. We had ants an couldn’t get rid of them. After three other companies couldn’t solve the problem Mike was able to get them taken care of. We will continue to use meryls pest control from now on.
Scott Lehman
From years of running chain restaurants, I have worked with many different, nationally known companies. After having a problem go on for a while with another pest control company, that couldn’t fix our problem, I called Meryl’s. Dave England (the best service man I have ever dealt with from any company), came out, and in one day had the pest problem fixed. I cancelled my other company, and gave Meryl’s all of the restaurants. Things have been perfect in every location since Dave is doing the monthly service. Also, I called Dave recently with a situation at my house, which was needing a termite treatment quickly, as the concrete to pour my patio was going to be there in two hours. Again another pest control company dropped the ball. Dave came immediately, took care of it, and was even less expensive than the other company. Simply said, Meryl’s is THE BEST. Don’t even think any further, just change to Meryl’s.
Becky K.
This place is amazing. They are so friendly and a accommodating. Quick to respond, on time, and they provide excellent pest control. I had a spider problem a few months ago and they came out the next day and Solved my problem. I had an issue with my new home and called in a panic and the owner was amazing and got help to me right away. I have peace of mind knowing I chose and excellent company I can rely on.
Laura Nell Britton
Mike Garland treated our home today and did a most thorough job. I like doing business with a local company.
Johanna Fresneda
I have used Meryl’s Pest Control since 1997. Once I had a squirrel fall thru my chimney flue. When I called the tech was busy so Pam came out herself to help get him out of the house. It is nice to have a company always available. They can usually respond with in 24 hours or less. They are all really great.
Stu Blevinger
Though I wish pest companies could help more with preventing them from getting into the house altogether, we’ve had a great experience with Mike from Meryl’s in stopping them once they venture in. I’m not a fan of poison, but we’ve reached some compromise positions (some poison) that has done the trick. Meaning, Meryl’s won’t one-size-fits-all your house (or preferences). On top of that Mike has been very professional and communicative before, during, after, and in between appointments. Very good customer service.
David Gibson
For years I have use the folks at Meryl’s with great satisfaction. My wife and I use there once a year treatment and on the rare occasion that we see any pest signs, they are back out to the home “Johnny on the Spot!” And I really like the time Mike (our tech) takes, searching for any sign that there might be an issue, before it becomes an issue.
Jenn Sloane
They are awesome. They take care of the church grounds for us. We have had no problems since they took over the pest control.
We are very pleased with there service.

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